Illustration ; Image with Text

Titled: Sandwiched ; Heart

Basically, this is a very simple idea made up of simple flat Blacks and Reds on 
Brown Recycled Paper with it titled as “Sandwiched ; Heart”. From the overall, 
what outstands is a strong graphical representation of a heart in bold red being 
literally and visually sandwiched by both buns. In turns, it tries to convey the 
situation whereby your heart is at risk unknowingly since the illustrated heart 
looked almost like a meat patty with most of the fundamental representation of 
what we know of a heart being concealed under the bread (like the arteries). 

The bread portion was left unfilled but outlined with help of the brown paper as 
the base colour. This was made to ensure that the emphasis still lies greatly on 
the heart.
Since the most intense colour was red in this representation, it helps to grab 
the attention of the viewer together with the help of the biggest bold black text, 
“STOP”. The “STOP” derives from the road sign as they generally give a very strong 
demanding impression to road users which in this case, to the viewers. However, 
trying not to complicate with the image with the similar colour, the “STOP” was 
done in Black in par with the rest of the body copy. The caption underneath the 
capitalized “STOP” anchors the meaning of a “Heart”, so not to mistaken the 
subject for a meat patty. Lastly, will be the bold black frame that confines the 
whole illustration with the text incorporated on the bottom line which suggests 
ventilation. It states “Give it some breathing space”, basically meaning that it 
was too confined with all the unhealthy junk food bombarding it and it needs more 
freedom and less blockage for more oxygen.
Medium: Acrylic Paint & Pen on Craft Paper
Dimension: A2
*With image references
Digital Copy
 A2 Final