Product ; Flexible Furniture

FLEX, designed to be an interactive piece of furniture, caters to most age groups due to the wide selection of sizes. FLEX could be employed in the indoors or the outdoors under proper handling. Its flexibility allows itself to be constantly transformed to many different variations depending on users’ intentions. This form of flexibility encourages creativity and interactions between both human and the product. The modular structure allows two or more pieces to be attached together to form different configurations. The one piece structure derived from its own function and prevents unwanted mishandling from children’s behaviors. The structure also provides ease in industry manufacturing. FLEX could be produced in solid with high density foam or made inflatable due to the straightforward design. It is also meant to improve social bonding between kids as it encourages teamwork with help of each other. ­ The functionality of it has been incorporated with the form itself and with a bend or fold; the Joint will eventually open up, allowing another end to be fitted in, ensuring easy usage with only one action.