Materials Play





Build up of metallic items like spoons, forks, springs, safety-pins, chopsticks and etc.
Project with Marvin Tang

Foam ; Block Dissection

Slicing and Reconstruction with White Foam Block

Synthesis Plant

Leaves: 220gsm Cartridge with Watercolor/Wax/White glue Layering
Flower: Crumpled 220gsm Cartridge, Watercolor Soaked and dried (100lb Nylon lines as stigma with Acrylic Paint)
Trunk: Newspaper with Acrylic Paint Layering Disclaimer: Japanese Characters are for decoration purposes only.

Kinectic Sculpture

Materials: Black Compressed Foams, Craft Papers, Wooden dowels, 100lb Nylon lines, Line Tape, White Glue, Double-Sided Tape