Conceptual ; Science & Artificial Living | Water Extraction

The concept explores the idea of water extraction from the ground through artificial living. With inspiration from nature, the idea revolves around the simple science behind the exchange system in plants. From the absorption of mineral water through the roots to the diffusion of water vapour out of the leaf.

One of the main functions of leaves is as a major site of photosynthesis – to produce glucose from water and carbon dioxide with the input of energy from sunlight. Through the system, water was drawn from the ground, causing the cycle. The technique of Cupping therapy can be utilized whereby it creates a suction vacuum when heat is applied. With this, it will create a pulling force with Sunlight energy as heat.

During the day, heat energy from the sunlight expands the air particles within the glass chamber, creating a pushing force on the base of the structure.

During the night, with the absence of the sun, the surrounding cools the air within the chamber and contracts. This creates a suction pull which ideally, should draw water particles from the ground. The water particles will move to the top of the chamber by capillary action with a tube in the middle. It further filters through evaporation and water vapour sticks onto the inner surface and flows to a collection reservoir at the bottom.

This concept explores the idea of science and how it can create “life” within a non living object.